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      Life with a dog includes lots of love and lots of, well, dog supplies. This includes everything from essential grooming products, dog food, and beds to dog birthday party supplies. If you’re getting a new dog, whether they’re a senior or puppy, you may want to write down a checklist of everything your new family member will need and check out the Rover Store as one of the best places to buy supplies online.

      Every dog needs a bath from time to time, and professional grooming and dog wash products for cleaning can help give your dog that salon-fresh feeling at home. When it comes to training, small training treats or jerky from brands like Blue Buffalo or Bocce’s Bakery are a good place to start along with a martingale harness or collar and a solid leash. Check out brands like Wonder Walker and 2 Hounds for fan-favorite walking gear. You can also get personalized engraved collars and bandanas from beloved company Mimi Green. You don’t need a trainer preparing your dog to compete in agility trials to have a well-trained dog—it’s all about consistency and reward. 

      Walking daily with your dog is the perfect time for training, getting in some healthy exercise, and bonding with your dog. Be sure to bring plenty of poop bags and check out poop bag holders and dispensers so you’re never caught without a bag. You can even get a dog walking supplies carrier or organizer, basically a dog walking bag or dog walking purse, that’s designed to hold everything you could possibly need on a dog walk. Depending on the weather, you may want to consider a dog jacket and dog boots to protect your pup from the elements. And no, clothes aren’t just for small dogs! You’ll find sizes for large and XL dogs too. If you want to get high tech with your walks, try a GPS tracker to stay on top of your dog’s health metrics.

      If your dog loves to play fetch at outdoor dog parks or the beach, try getting them a classic frisbee to chase and catch. For indoor fun, there are tons of interactive toys to choose from these days! Affordable plush burrow toys are a big hit with most dogs because they feed their natural hunting instincts, but if your dog likes to chew and chew you may want something more durable like a classic KONG toy. Puzzle toys (from brands including Nina Ottosson and Outward Hound) and lick mats are great ways to keep dogs busy, improve dental health, and they can even have a calming, anti-anxiety effect. You can use a lick mat instead of bowls for feeding overzealous dogs who eat too quickly and for giving your dog supplements too. Try spreading on some peanut butter bacon Easy Treat for a snack your dog will love.

      When it’s time to travel with your dog, it’s important to get gear that will keep them calm and safe on the journey. Check out Sleepypod for car safety seat belt attachments and a carrier that small dogs actually enjoy, plus it doesn’t hurt to grab a blanket too for cozier travels. An overnight bag for supplies is a useful idea as well. Try a backpack for supplies to make traveling that much easier.