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      Do you ever wonder where your cat goes when they go outside? Or maybe you have an escape artist dog and you want to know where they are at all times. If either of these sound like you, then a GPS activity tracker device for dogs and cats may be something you want to look into getting. Not only can GPS collars track your pet’s exercise, it can tell you where your pet is, track calories burned, and more. 

      There are different types of trackers that are available to use to track GPS. The Whistle GO Explore GPS Tracker is one the best gps collars available. It’s waterproof, shock resistant, and offers real-time GPS tracking for your pet. It even allows you to track your pet’s calories, activity levels, and distance traveled. In order to use the Whistle GPS tracker, you must enroll in a monthly subscription plan. They start at $12.99 a month. It gives you access to tele-vet services, with chat, call, video, and email, so you can get quick access to vet care if you need it. This GPS tracker is recommended for pets over 25 pounds, so is best used for dogs.

      If you’re looking for a GPS tracker that can be used for dogs and cats, the Tractive GPS Tracker is what you need. It’s small, lightweight, and durable, and can fit on most collars one inch wide or under. It works similar to a smartphone and lets you (or anyone who finds your pet) scan the tracker, so your pet can be found easily. It also allows you to set up a virtual fence area (an area that you deem safe for your pet), and it will alert you anytime your pet leaves the virtual fence. Plus, LIVE mode offers updates on your pet’s location every two to three seconds when you use the Tractive GPS app on your smartphone. And if you use it on your cat, it will even give you a heatmap of favorite places your cat has gone. This feature is available only on the Tractive GPS Tracker for cats.

      No matter which GPS tracker you pick, you will get tons of helpful information on your pet’s whereabouts, activity level, calories burned, and more. This information can help you in making more informed decisions about the health of your pet and can help you both stay in tip-top shape for years and years to come.