Reduce pulling without sacrificing comfort
Better Walk™ No-Pull Dog Harness

Easy to put on, this harness reduces pulling and is designed to offer your dog a greater range of motion while still being difficult for them to back out of.

Customer testimonials


Love this harness. I have 2 big dogs (120 lbs & 135 lbs). This fits them perfectly and works great.

S. Hunt

The harness fits well and takes the pressure off my dog's neck when she pulls on the leash. It is easy to put on and take off and comes in fun colors

Maryalice C.

My dog has a big chest and small neck. All the other brands that fit size medium were way too loose around the neck. This one works and I am very happy with it.

Carl B.

Really like this harness, mainly because it has a label saying belly, chest and back. No more trying to guess if you are getting it on correctly.


I love that my dog doesn't run away every time I go to put this on him before a walk. It seems to be much more comfortable than other harnesses I have tried - especially under his chest and front legs.

Confidence and control on every walk
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