Product Questions: 

Q: How do I make sure I order the right size? 

A: Please reference the sizing charts on each product’s page when ordering.

Q: Do you sell Rover.com gift cards? 

A: We do not sell gift cards for the Rover store or Rover.com. 

Q: What do I do if something I want is out of stock? 

A: If an item is out of stock there will be an option to 'Email When Available.' Enter in your email address after selecting this option in order to be notified when the item is restocked. We cannot guarantee the products will be restocked, but the request will be shared with the team.

Q: Where do I locate my unique URL link and Promo code to include on promotional materials? 

A: Check out this Rover help article to learn where to find your unique URL link and Promo code.

Rover Store Account :

Q: Why isn't my Rover login working? 

A: The Rover Store is hosted a separate third party webhost that is completely separate from the Rover platform. As a result, you will need to create a separate account from their Rover profile account as the two are not connected. A Rover Store account is not required to make a purchase. Customers are encouraged to create a Store account to help with ease of future purchases but it is not necessary to purchase on our Store.


Q: Can I use my Rover wallet money towards Rover Store purchases?

A: Unfortunately you are unable to use your Rover wallet to directly pay for Rover Store purchases.


Refund and Replacement Policy:

Q: What is your Refund and Replacement Policy? 

A: Please reference the Store Policies page for information. 

Q: I received my business promotional materials and I accidentally typed in the wrong personalization information. Can this be refunded and fixed? 

A: Unfortunately we are unable to refund or exchange product with personalized information (promo cards, lawn signs, etc.). Please double check promotional material customization and make sure that all instructions have been followed before placing order. 

Q: What should I do if my item arrived defective? 

A: We strive to offer the best quality product, but on rare occasions slips occur that are not up to our standards. We are so sorry that your item arrived in less than desirable condition! Please reach out to store-help@rover.com or create a support ticket within 30 days of your purchase and our team will work with you to determine next steps. Reference Store Policies page for more information.


Q: When will my order ship out?

A: Your order should arrive within 8-10 business days, as it does take time for our team to pack your full order & ship your full order. You should receive an email with your order’s shipment tracking information. Please remember, our shippers don’t pick up orders on weekends. If you receive a tracking number on a Saturday or Sunday, the shipper will not have possession of that package until the next business day. Sometimes depending on what is in your order there may be two shipments - make sure to keep an eye out for an additional email just in case!


Q: Where is the other half of my order? 

A: We do ship from two separate locations, therefore there may be a delay in receiving the entire order. Please check your email for any shipment information sent from the Rover Store. If your shipments have been delivered and you have not received your package, please email store-help@rover.com or create a support ticket so we can investigate! 

Q: Why did I receive two tracking numbers? 

A: The items in your order may be shipping from two locations, we want to ensure that you will be able to track both shipments! 


Q: Where do you ship to? 

A: The Rover Store currently sells and ships product to the United States. We currently are not able to sell products outside of the US, including US territories, Canada and Europe.