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      Have you ever thought about trying an anxiety reducing lick mat for your dog or cat? They’re typically made from a durable silicone that features grooves, bumps, and ridges that stimulate your pet’s tongue as they lick to release endorphins. They’re also great for making meal time and soft treats last longer since your dog has to really work to get every last bit. Lick mats also work well for dogs of all sizes and at all stages of life, from small dogs to large dogs (and everything in between) to that brand new puppy in your life. Just be sure to supervise your dog when using a lick mat, especially for the first time, to make sure they don’t treat it like a chew toy.

      A lick mat is a great option to use as a slow feeder for dogs who tend to wolf down their dinner a little too quickly. The ridged patterns trap food, making your dog lick and lick to get every last morsel. This is also what makes lick mats such great tools for distracting your dog. Some designs feature suction cups that can stick securely to a bath or shower wall. These are lick mats for baths and can make getting your pup squeaky clean quicker and a lot less stressful for the both of you. A lick mat can also be a calming leave dog alone activity because they’ll be focused on enjoying their treat rather than on you leaving.

      Some pet parents wonder what to put on a lick mat, but it’s really up to you! Any kind of soft treat that your dog enjoys and your vet approves of is great. We’ve seen people spread on everything from pureed pumpkin and plain yogurt to canned dog food and peanut butter. You can even sprinkle on some dry kibble or treats over the wet treat for some added texture, or freeze the treat on the mat to make it last even longer. KONG Easy Treat is another popular topping for a lick mat since it’s easy to dispense, comes in a variety of yummy flavors, and dogs love the taste.

      We’re huge fans of the anti-anxiety powers of lick mats and recommend them for pet parents looking for a way to keep their dogs and cats happy, occupied, and stress free. Take a look at the fun and functional designs we’ve curated from brands Cosmic Pet and Lickimat to SodaPup and more!