Fall essentials


      Brrr! When the winter weather outside is frightful, keep your dog cozy with the latest in cold weather dog supplies. From things like dog jackets to beds, the Rover Store is the place to go for supplies to help your dog or cat stay warm

      Whether there’s rain, sleet, ice , or mud on the ground, you still need to walk your dog. A dog coat will make for a safer, more enjoyable dog walk. The Element Waterproof Jacket is a great option for a dog coat. It’s the perfect coat for large and small dogs, and will protect your dog from the elements. An inner fleece lining will keep your dog comfortable, and a wind and waterproof outer layer keeps them dry. If you’re looking for a dog sweater or dog fleece, there are options for those too. The Wilderdog Fleece Dog Jacket fits over or under your dog’s favorite harness, and comes in multiple colors and sizes. The Blueberry Pet Soft & Cozy Striped Sweater is the perfect stylish option for your dog. It’s also machine washable, so it’s easy to keep clean. You should also consider getting a safety light for your dog’s harness or collar, so you can both be seen during evening or early morning walks. The Logo Clip-On LED Pet Safety Light is the perfect option for dark walks, and comes in a set of three (so you can use them for multiple harnesses or multiple dogs).

      If you live in an area with a lot of snow, fleece-lined dog boots are a must. The Muttluks Original Fleece-Lined Dog Boots come in multiple sizes for all types of dogs. They’re also reflective, so your dog will be seen even in the dark. A stylish dog hat (like a pom pom knit hat) is also a must for cold weather. The Canada Pooch Polar Pom Pom Dog Hat comes in black and pink, and will definitely make a statement when you’re out and about.

      Once you get home from your winter walk with your dog, you’ll definitely want a towel & cleaner for dirty paws. If you’re looking for something with no chemicals, the Paw Plunger Paw Cleaner is for you. Simply fill with water and put your dog’s paws individually in the plunger and then remove and dry with a microfiber towel. When they’re all clean, make sure they can warm up quickly with a cozy warm soft blanket or heating pad. A good heating pad for your dog’s bed or crate, or your cat’s crate, is the Thera-Paws Bamboo Charcoal Pet Warming Pad. It’s no-cord pressure-activated technology means it’s safe for your pet and won’t ever overheat. If you need a new bed for your pet, a burrow bed or cave bed is extra cozy and will keep them warm even when it’s bitter cold outside.

      When the weather is cold and blustery outside, keep your pet warm with the latest in warm-weather gear. With everything from coats to beds to paw cleaners, the Rover Store is sure to be your go-to place for everything you need to make winter weather bearable and—dare we say—enjoyable.