Poop bags & holders


      Dogs are fun, but there’s an unfortunate side of dog ownership: Poop! If you have a dog, chances are you’ve picked up your fair share of poop and are (hopefully) always stocked up on poop bags. While you’re going on a dog walk, make sure you have easy access to poop bags while you’re walking with any of these poop bag extras.

      Instead of having to carry around poop bags in your pocket or tie them on to your dog’s leash, there are many different kinds of ways to hold poop bags. The most common is the poop bag holder. Also called a poop bag carrier, dispenser, or attachment, each of these handy holders connects to leash, so you don’t have to worry about holding poop bags. If you don’t like holding a bag full of poop, Zee.Dog has a holder that will hold your full poop bag until you find a trash can. Dooloop also has a poop bag holder that actually holds up to two full bags of poop on your walk. We also have funny poop bags that have “nutrition facts” on them, as a nod to what might be in your dog’s poop. They’re rated to be eco-friendly and earth friendly, so are good for the environment. They are the first poop bags to meet the USDA certified biobased standard, and are biodegradable. No more leaks either—these bags are thick and durable, and are what you’d call a won’t-rip poop bag. And if you’re sensitive to smells, these unscented poop bags aren’t going to offend, and are actually smell-proof to reduce the smell of poop.

      If you’re looking for a more cute/stylish way to take care of your dog’s business, a fabric dog poop bag holder from The Foggy Dog is just the thing. These stylish poop bag holders feature a Rifle Paper pattern on each one and are compact and practical, allowing one full roll of poop bags, a key, and some treats to be held in the holder. Wilderdog also has a more rugged yet stylish option that has two clips to avoid that annoying poop bag holder swing (if you know, you know). Wanting something larger than just a poop bag holder? The Goin’ In Style bag is a cute and comfortable carrying bag that can hold your phone, keys, treats, poop bags (of course!) and more small items. 

      However you want to carry them, make sure you always have a good supply of poop bags when you take your dog out on a walk or romp. With stylish options and earth-friendly bags, there’s no excuse to not pick up poop!