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      Treats are a fun way to bond with your pet and give them something they enjoy. Whether your pet likes jerky treats, biscuit treats, or freeze dried treats, there are tons of options to choose from. Try more than one kind and see what your pet prefers.

      If you’re looking for healthy treats, Bocce's Bakery has some great options. Their chicken and pumpkin flavor is sure to become one of your dog’s favorite treats. Try hiding them around the house and making a game out of your dog finding them. The possibilities are endless!

      Chewing is a healthy habit, and special dental treats are a nice alternative to regular bones. Himalayan Dog Chew are delicious cheese bones made with yak milk/cheese, salt, and lime. Smartbones is a wonderful rawhide alternative and comes in multiple flavors. Treats with mint also help promote dental health and fresh breath.

      Having trouble training your dog to follow simple commands or complete complex tricks? Training treats are your answer. They’re usually small, chewy or crunchy, and of course, super tasty for your dog. Blue Buffalo BLUE Bits™ are low calorie and the perfect size for training on the go. They’re also wheat-free so are good for dogs trying to maintain a grain-free diet. Stewart Pro-Treat is another healthy favorite. Freeze dried beef liver is irresistible to dogs and will keep them focused on whatever you need them to learn.

      Does your dog enjoy different flavored treats? Bocce’s Bakery has lots of choices that your dog is sure to love and are made in the USA. The Candy Hearts treats include apple, blueberry, and cranberry for a fruity twist. If your dog needs help with gas/fart prevention, the pumpkin in the Bye Bye Stinkies treats will keep their tummy happy and help with digestion. And if you want to promote more zzzs, the Sweet Dreams treats include banana, honey, and chamomile to help with calming. Most of Bocce’s treats are also able to fit in KONG.

      Make mealtimes more exciting (and tasty!) with a squeeze treat/easy treat/creamy treat. KONG has multiple options, including flavors like peanut butter and bacon. Mix them in with your dog’s kibble or use them in a work-to-eat puzzle—squeeze treats are perfect for puzzle toys & lick mats!

      Don’t forget the kitties! Cat treats are a great way to create positive associations with your cat and to find out what flavors they enjoy. If you’re unsure about where to start, treats with salmon & seaweed, chicken & sweet potato, or catnip are sure to surprise and delight your cat’s flavor pallet.

      Once you figure out what flavors and types of treats your pets like, the fun part is keeping the treat jar stocked! Make treat time a special part of your day and watch as the bond with your pets becomes stronger.