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      Have a dog who loves to chew? You’re obviously going to want a dog chew toy or two to keep your pup from going after your shoes. Teething puppies are especially prone to destructive chewing, so it’s important to introduce them to durable chew toys early on, like the Nylabone Puppy Pacifier Teething Dog Toy that’s strong yet soft enough for puppies. 

      Nylabone makes tons of tough nylon toys for dogs at all stages of life, not just puppies, like the popular DuraChew Ring Dog Chew Toy that’s infused with yummy chicken flavor.

      Rubber toys, like the KONG Classic and Petstages Orka Tire Dog Chew Toy, are also excellent options for dogs of all ages. These toys can fit treats inside and can even be frozen to entice your dog and distract them for longer. 

      SodaPup is a small business with a line of rubber dog toys made in the USA that are fillable and freezable too. If your dog loves to munch on bully sticks, check out West Paw for chew toys that can safely hold on to your dog’s favorite treat as they chew. 

      Dog chew toys come in all shapes and sizes—from rings and bones to surprise balls inside chew toys and even fun designs like sharks. Some designs can even improve your dog’s dental health by cleaning their teeth as they chew, or help alleviate separation anxiety and stress

      Ultimately, the best chew toy is the one that your dog enjoys chewing on, is safe, and that lasts. While it’s important to know that there’s no such thing as an indestructible chew toy, there are extra tough toys out there for extreme chewers. You’ll just want to supervise your dog and remove toys that become damaged if your pup happens to be an aggressive chewer. If you aren’t sure, there are some breeds that tend to have a stronger bite, like Pit Bulls, German Shepherds, and Bulldogs. Labs and Doodles have also been known to be big chewers, though any dog, large or small, can exhibit these chewing behaviors.