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      Walking dogs used to be just putting on a leash and harness or collar and going, but now there are tons of dog walking accessories that can turn a typical dog walk into an easy dog walk. Whether you need poop bag holders, safety lights, dog walker bags, or anything in between, there are plenty of options that make it easier and more enjoyable to walk dogs of all shapes and sizes.

      Out of all the dog walking essentials you need, something to hold poop bags (and even full bags of poop!) is definitely at the top of the list of things you should get. Dooloop has an amazing hands free poop carrier that clips right on the leash. It’s a great filled poop bag carrier and can hold two full bags of poop, which means you don’t have to carry them. Picking up poop can get dirty, so don’t forget some dog walk hand sanitizer. Speaking of dirt, one thing that gets dirty quick on walks is your dog’s paws. If you’re looking for a dirty paws cleaner with no chemicals, the Paw Plunger is just that. It uses water to clean dirty paws and is quick, easy, and portable.

      Another piece of dog walking gear to look into is a fanny pack or utility pack that carries poop bags, your smartphone, wallet, keys, and more. Fanny packs are great because they are hands free, hold tons of things, and are easy to carry. The Goin’ In Style Bag is a favorite amongst dog walkers. It’s large enough to hold your smartphone, keys, poop bags (no hold poop bags = happier walk!), treats, and more. It’s also stylish and cute, which makes it good for after the walk is over, too. A training/dog treat bag is another thing to think about getting, as it makes it easy to grab treats quickly to mark good behaviors.

      The dogs you walk might need some gear to make their walk more comfortable, too. Depending on the weather, they may need some extra paw protection. To prevent cracked paws, a paw or nose balm is a good thing to invest in. Skout’s Honor balm does double duty and is good for cracked noses and paws. Dog boots for hot/cold/snowy weather are another way to protect a dog’s paws from the elements. If you need a coat, Canada Pooch has options for jackets for all weather, including mud, rain, and snow, that are waterproof and reflective. They also have cooling products for hot weather. You can keep your dog cool with a bandana, vest, or hat that work by using evaporation to cool your dog continuously and quickly.

      Do you like hiking with your dog? Don’t forget to bring portable dog water travel bowls. They’re collapsible and perfect for backpacking + hiking. Wilderdog has some great options that are good for food and water and come in stylish colors. If you’re in tick country, don’t forget to pick up a tick remover for both you and your dog. Does your dog like to run off or do you want to track their activity level while out and about? A GPS tracker collar or activity tracker is perfect for them (and you!). The Lifekey tag attaches right to your dog’s current collar and holds all the dog information needed to make sure if anyone finds your lost dog, they’ll know if your dog has any special needs right away. They’ll also be able to contact you immediately so you can get your dog home.

      Whatever dog walking accessories you choose, one thing’s for sure: The right accessories make for a better dog walk overall. Invest in what you think you and your dog will use the most and get out there to enjoy a walk, rain or shine.