The beloved KONG Classic toy wouldn’t exist without Fritz the dog, a destructive chewer with a habit of gnawing on rocks and sticks which were wearing his teeth down. In the 1970s, however, he developed an affinity for a tough rubber Volkswagen bus part in an unusual shape—and the idea for the iconic KONG Classic toy was born. It’s the perfect tough toy for dog enrichment since it’s a chew toy, puzzle toy, fetch toy, and slow feeder all in one. Plus, it has an erratic bounce dogs can’t resist chasing! 

      KONG creates toys that will be with your dog through all stages of their life. Since the original classic toy was developed, the KONG team expanded the idea into multiple designs and sizes for every kind of dog, from an extreme version for super chewers to a softer puppy version that’s gentle on growing mouths. 

      They’ve also expanded to other kinds of toys and treats, including the popular bacon and cheese-flavor and peanut butter-flavor squeezy treats that pair perfectly with their classic toys. Plus, they continue to offer new ways to play and bond with your dog with the introduction of the KONG Flyer frisbee, Bounzer toy, Wild Knots Plush Bear Toy, Rewards Wally, and irresistible Beef Bites, just to name a few. Whatever you and your dog are into, there’s a durable KONG toy or yummy treat sure to fit your dog’s play style and tastes.