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      GoldPaw’s mission is to keep your pup cozy and comfortable all year long. This woman-owned company makes thoughtfully designed dog jackets that are warm and fleece layers that are great for cold weather.

      This brand also makes waterproof dog apparel for those drizzly months and walks where you can’t avoid getting a little wet. Their raincoats are great for all seasons, from warm summer storms to cold winter rains. GoldPaw even goes as far as making their waterproofed materials from non-toxic materials and processes, and they never include forever chemicals. These jackets are baby safe for your fur baby and better for the planet too.

      GoldPaw dog clothes aren’t just for keeping warm—they also make UPF rated sun shirts to protect your dog’s delicate skin from the sun’s harsh UV rays. These shirts are lightweight, silky, and won’t make your dog overheat on hot days. They also work great for protecting skin conditions or wounds while they heal.

      Shop the GoldPaw Stretch Fleece Dog Pullover in a variety of colors and patterns. It’s great for everyday wear and layering under other apparel for extra warmth like their Rain Paw II All-Season Raincoat. If you live in a colder climate or like to go on outdoor winter adventures, check out the GoldPaw Winterpaw Dog Coat. For fashionable pups who just need a touch of extra coziness, there’s also the GoldPaw Reversible Snood that’s stretchy, warm, and oh-so chic.