Fetch toys

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      Looking for new ways to play fetch with your pup? This fun game is a great way to give your dog some additional exercise while bonding with them, and there are tons of fetch dog toys to choose from. Try more than one to see what your dog likes best and to switch things up to keep playtime exciting and novel.

      For outdoor games, a frisbee is a classic choice for a reason—and some dogs are even skilled enough to learn to catch it mid-air! Flexible frisbees like the durable natural rubber KONG Flyer can be easier on your dog’s teeth and gums and lighter to throw than a traditional hard plastic design. Another exciting way to play outside is with a ball thrower like a Chuckit! You can throw tennis balls much farther than you could normally, encouraging your dog to run farther and burn energy (while you conserve yours).

      For dogs who enjoy swimming, you can even find toys that float in water like the lightweight West Paw Sailz fetch toy. Swimming is an excellent form of exercise, but be sure to observe some safety precautions like staying close to your dog while they’re in the water and getting a dog life vest. It goes without saying that floating toys are weather resistant and waterproof, which means they’ll stand the test of time and last for many games of fetch!

      If your pup tends to be tough on toys, you’ll want something that’s engaging enough to still be fun but designed for extreme chewers. While no toy is totally chew-proof, there are some super durable toys out there like the Outward Hound Orbee-Tuff sports line of toys. These can also be great toys for indoor activities like chewing and chasing as well as outdoor fetch.

      Once you learn what kind of toy your dog prefers to fetch, it’s all fun and games! Activities like fetch feed into your dog’s hunting instincts and can give them a great sense of satisfaction, curbing unwanted behaviors at home that stem from boredom.