Overnight Promo Cards - Services Listed (250 cards)

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Looking for ways to promote your Rover pet care business? Promo cards are an especially effective way to attract new clients to your profile so they can learn more about you and book a service.

Promo card perks:

  • More eyes on your profile. Your unique URL sends potential clients straight to your Rover profile where they can book with you.
  • Protect your privacy. No need to give out personal information—just hand them a card and they can contact you directly through Rover.
  • They’re personalized! Include your custom promo code to give new clients $20 off their first booking with you (while you collect your normal rate).

Try handing promo cards out at the dog park or leaving some on a message board. Pass them out to friends and family too!

The details:

  • Includes 250 custom cards.
  • Each card lists the services you offer, your unique Rover profile URL, and your unique $20 off code. (Learn how to find your unique URL and promo code in this Help Center article.)
  • Check the preview to confirm that your unique URL link and promo code are correct before purchasing.