Funny ‘Nutrition Facts’ Poop Bags - Set of 8 Rolls

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  • Be a part of sustainable living: these are the first pet waste bags to meet the USDA Certified Biobased standard. This means they’re made of a minimum of 38% plant materials like corn, vegetable oils, and plant starch. 
  • Yep, you’re seeing things correctly—these poop bags have nutrition facts on them! We created this design for the dogs who eat absolutely anything they can get their mouths on, from cat poop to, wait, is that part of the couch?
  • Leak-proof and strong, they have a silky-smooth feel from their vegetable content and will fit in most standard poop bag dispensers. 
  • Each roll comes with 15 bags (8 rolls = 120 bags, 32 rolls = 480 bags) and each bag measures 9’’ x 13’’.
  • This product is Rover verified. Pet parents love it and we think you will too! Learn more >

Pairs with Poos & Puppies Poo Bag Dispenser