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      Traveling with just yourself can be a lot to manage, but when you decide to travel with your dog or cat, the logistics can get more complicated. Thankfully, there are tons of travel accessories that make taking your pet on a trip infinitely easier, and work for going on a plane, car, or train. Whether you have a puppy, small dog, or large dog, there are options for every size and type of pet.

      The first thing you need to consider when traveling with your pet is how you’re going to pack and store their things. A suitcase or backpack is a good place to start. Mobile Dog Gear has many options that are great for long and short trips. These travel bags can carry everything your pet will need, including toys, bedding, and food, and some even come with extra storage containers. The Mobile Dog Gear Week Away Bag is water resistant and perfect for long trips, and includes room for a water bottle and a travel bowl for water and food. If you’re looking for a special bag to transport your dog’s food in, Wilderdog has a great doggie bag option that keeps up to 5lbs of kibble fresh and crunchy.

      Wondering how your pet is going to travel with you while you’re on a plane or driving in the car? A carrier is a great thing to consider getting if you ever plan to travel with your pet. If you’re flying on an airplane, make sure the carrier is air compliant/approved carrier for under the seat. Sleepypod has many great options for carriers that are safe, stylish, and airline compliant. The Sleepypod Air Pet Carrier makes travel easy and comfortable for your dog or cat, and is a collapsible carrier, making for easy travel and storage. If you plan to travel by car, the Sleepypod Pet Carrier is a great option and can be turned into a car dog bed too. Plus, it’s extra cozy, helps to reduce anxiety, and promotes calming due to its snuggly small interior.

      If you’re planning on dog travel in the car, there are many car travel solutions to try. Start with a dog car hammock or seat covers to protect your car’s interior. Outward Hound has some great options that help keep things clean in the back seat and even help remove dog hair from the car. A dog car strap/seatbelt or a harness will keep your dog secured in the back seat on their hammock or seat cover. A dog car harness & safety is important because it keeps your dog and the people in your car safe too. If you’re looking for a crash tested car harness, The Sleepypod Clickit Harness has been certified by the Center for Pet Safety for dogs 18 to 90 pounds. A car travel kit might come in handy too—you can make your own with things like an extra leash and collar, blanket, any medications your pet is taking, and extra food and water.

      Traveling with your pet doesn’t have to be stressful. As long as you have the right tools and accessories, it can be really fun and enjoyable! The best part is being able to wake up and go to sleep with your favorite pets no matter where you are. Try it out!