Paw Plunger® Paw Cleaner Tumbler Rover Small
Paw Plunger® Paw Cleaner Tumbler Rover
Paw Plunger® Paw Cleaner Tumbler Rover
Paw Plunger® Paw Cleaner Tumbler Rover

Paw Plunger® Paw Cleaner

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  • Keep muddy, wet paw prints off your floors and furniture with this innovative paw cleaner. Simply fill with water and plunge your pets’ paws in one at a time, then dry them with a clean towel.
  • Works in every season and is great for cleaning off snow-melting chemicals in the winter that can cause paw burns.
  • It’s spill and leak proof, and features built-in soft bristles that are gentle enough to go over sensitive paw pads as many times as needed to get them clean.
  • Choose the size that’s best for your pet:
    • Petite: For puppies and dogs up to 15 lbs. Cats too! 5.25’’ L x 3.5’’ W x 4’’ H, Opening: 2’’
    • Medium: For dogs 15-75 lbs. 8.5’’ L x 6″ W x 6.5″ H, Opening 3.5’’
    • Large: For dogs 75+ lbs and large paws. 9.75’’ L x 7’’ W x 9.5’’ H, Opening 4.5’’
  • It’s also dishwasher safe and easy to clean—just remove the top!


About Paw Plunger Pet Product Innovations is the company behind the Paw Plunger, the innovative device that makes cleaning your pup’s muddy paws easy and mess free. Every item they make is something they use with their own pets, making them pet and pet parent approved.

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Does this product work for dogs with dry paws?
Yes, the purpose of the Paw Plunger is to clean dirty paws. If your dog’s paws are really dry, just make sure you’re gentle so as to not irritate their skin.

Does this clean mud under nails and spaces between paw pads?
Yes, it has brushes inside the mug and it gets dirt off paws quickly and easily. Using the Paw Plunger soon after getting dirty will also help it work better as the dirt won’t have time to dry.

What is the best way to remove the lid to get the water out after cleaning?
There is a screw underneath the rubber where the brushes are that you can unscrew with your fingers. If it’s hard to remove, run it under warm water to loosen it up.

Can I wash the PawPlunger in the dishwasher?
Yes, if it gets really dirty, but the best way to clean the Paw Plunger is to rinse out and air dry.

Is the lid on the Paw Plunger water tight?
It is spill proof and leak proof, but not water tight. We don’t recommend storing water in it as stagnant water may allow bacteria to build up. We recommend filling and emptying with each use.

Does the rubber expanding top squeeze excess water from the paw?
No, the rubber top fits snugly (and gently) around your pup’s paw. It helps prevent spills and water from splashing out.

How much water should be put in the Paw Plunger?
We recommend you fill your Paw Plunger to the top of the very first row of inside bristles.

What’s the best temperature for the water?
When it’s hot outside: Nice and cool. When it’s cold: Nice and warm. When filled with warm water, the Paw Plunger will instantly melt winter ice balls that get stuck on your dog’s feet after a romp in the snow.

Can you add soap to this product?
A drop of dish soap is optional, but not required. It works great with warm water only.

Will this work for dogs with hairy feet?
Yes. Dogs with paws of all shapes and sizes can use the Paw Plunger easily—and even enjoy it!

Will this work for dogs with dew claws? Are the bristles soft enough not to pull on them?
Yes. The bristles are gentle and will not pull too hard or catch on your dog’s dew claws.

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