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      Everyone loves playing in hot/warm weather, including your dog! However, there can be too much of a good thing, and it’s important to keep your dog cool. Thankfully, there are tons of products that offer amazing protection from the sun and hot weather, so everyone can stay safe and have fun.

      Do you like to go on outdoor adventures with your dog? Whether it’s hiking, backpacking, or anything outside, make sure you make the most of your adventure with the right gear. Cooling products are all the rage for keeping dogs of all shapes and sizes cool and comfortable in the heat. Canada Pooch (chill seeker line) has some excellent cooling products you and your dog are sure to enjoy. The Canada Pooch Cooling dog bandana is great for small, medium, or large dogs and cools using evaporation. The Chill Seeker dog vest (also from Canada Pooch) is another cooling product that works by using water and evaporation to cool your dog. Canada Pooch also has a fun and funky cooling dog hat if your dog enjoys wearing hats. If you’re spending any time in tick country, make sure you get a tick remover too, so you can get any ticks off you and your dog.

      The easiest way to make sure your dog stays cool in the heat is to provide lots and lots of water. Bringing a water carrier, travel bowls, and water bottle with you wherever you go will make sure your dog stays hydrated. If you’re looking for attractive and practical options, Wilderdog has some great choices that are both aesthetically pleasing and very useful. 

      Another useful hot-weather accessory is a cooling bed/mat. Most of them work by sensing when your dog lays down on the mat, which activates the cooling feature and delivers immediate and sustained cooling for the entire time your dog is on the mat. The cooling bed by Green Pet Shop is an affordable option that is sure to keep your dog nice and cool even on the hottest days.

      Taking your dog swimming is another fun hot-weather activity, but did you know that not all dogs intuitively know how to swim? Make sure they’re safe in and around the water with a life vest/jacket. There are options available for every size and shape of dog. Outward Hound has a wonderful option that comes in a beautiful red color so no one will miss your dog in the water! Just make sure it fits well before setting them loose in the water.

      Perhaps one of the best ways to keep your dog cool and comfortable in the heat is to make sure their coat is groomed appropriately. Regular grooming (whether it’s bathing, trims, or hair removal) helps to keep your dog healthy and able to cool themselves, which is what you want in hot weather. Investing in a shedding shampoo and hair remover tool can be a great at-home way to groom your dog’s coat. And don’t forget their feet! Since dogs can’t wear shoes, a dog paw balm/wax for the pads on their paws will keep them protected from hot pavement if you’re taking them out in the heat of the day.

      While it may seem silly, investing in some dog summer clothes that help to keep your dog cool will make the hot weather months much more enjoyable. Try out some different things and see what your dog prefers. Now get outside and enjoy the sun!