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      Clothes keep us warm and are a fashion statement, and now you can get dog clothes for your pup, too. No matter the season, there are apparel and accessories for spring, summer, fall, and winter. Your XS, small, and large dogs need coats and jackets to stay warm in the winter and cooling clothing in the summer. And there aren’t only girl options—boy options are available too in different colors and patterns.

      If you’re looking for cold-weather clothing for your dog or puppy, try looking at sweaters, coats, or even a raincoat to keep your dog from getting wet in the rain. Canada Pooch has some amazing coats that ensure your dog stays warm and happy even in the coldest weather. They also have a pom pom dog hat that is super stylish if your dog tolerates hats. If your dog or puppy needs boots, the fleece-lined ones from Muttluks are a perfect option. In addition to the fleece lining, they’re reflective and entirely washable, which is great for keeping them clean after slushy romps in the ice and snow

      Looking for a cute little something your dog can wear around the house? Sweaters from Blueberry Pet are a cute and stylish option if you’re looking for something for your dog to wear around the house. They come in different patterns—like stripes—and also holiday/Christmas prints, too. Bandanas or a scarf are things your dog can wear for fun around the house or on walks with their collar or harness. Mimi Green has super stylish options that feature flower collar accessories and bandana options that can be personalized with your dog’s name or nickname.

      Taking your dog camping or another outdoor adventure means they might need an extra layer of protection from the elements, depending on when you decide to go. If you go in the fall or winter, Wilderdog is a great brand for cold-weather gear. Their fleece (Wilderdog Fleece) is adjustable and waterproof, which is perfect for cold and wet weather conditions. If you go in the spring or summer, a cooling vest will help protect your dog from the warm/hot weather. Sometimes called a calm dog vest, it not only keeps your dog cool through water evaporation but also keeps them calm from wearing something form-fitting on their body. And if you plan to take your dog in the water, make sure they’re wearing a life vest/jacket. Not every dog can naturally swim well, so this will ensure they stay safe and have fun.

      While you may have once thought dog clothing wasn’t necessary, it actually provides needed protection for your dog in situations where it makes sense. It’s also fun to accessorize your dog with different types of clothing so they can look cute and stylish. Try something out and see how they like it!