Sleepypod x Fear Free® Happy Homes Collection

Reduce travel-related stress for you and your pets with the Sleepypod x Fear Free Happy Homes collection. This special line of products from Sleepypod combines Sleepypod’s design innovation and craftsmanship with Fear Free’s expert understanding of how to help pet parents and pets live happier, healthier lives.

Rigorously tested and certified
Sleepypod x Fear Free Clickit Sport Plus Car Safety Dog Harness

One the safest harnesses available, the Special Edition Sleepypod x Fear Free Clickit Sport Plus Dog Harness is perfect for car and daily use. A patented design reduces and distributes harmful forces in the event of a collision.

Revolutionizing pet air travel
Sleepypod x Fear Free TSA Approved Air Pet Carrier

The Sleepypod x Fear Free Air Carrier makes in-cabin air travel and car travel safer than ever. Contractible sides adjust to accommodate different airline size restrictions while also maintaining Sleepypod’s high car safety standards.

Travel made comfortable
Sleepypod x Fear Free Pet Carrier

A bed, carrier, and safe car seat in one, this carrier is perfect for making travel more comfortable for your pet. By using this carrier as your pet’s primary bed, it helps reduce stress and make trips more familiar.

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