Dog Harnesses


      In search of a high quality dog harness? With so many options out there, it can be tough to figure out which is the best dog harness for you and your pup. And while most people think of harnesses as gear for small dogs, they can actually be beneficial for large dogs and barrel chested dogs too since they reduce strain on the dog’s neck. (Cat harnesses are a thing too!) Plus, for enthusiastic walkers, no-pull options can make walking more comfortable for both you and your dog, no matter their size.

      Compared to the traditional collar-leash combo, dog harnesses can be almost escape proof. They also offer you more control over your dog in tight places, especially a dog harness with a handle (sometimes called a traffic handle) from a brand like Blue-9 that allows you to pull them close in crowds or in situations where they may become reactive. 

      While some harnesses can be tricky to put on, we’ve curated a selection that includes easy to put on harnesses and step in dog harnesses. When your harness is easy to put on, it makes getting out the door for a walk or run so much easier and less stressful for everyone! The Wonder Walker, EzyDog, and 2 Hounds Freedom harnesses are great examples of customer favorites that are simply designed, easy to put on, and some even have a leash attachment point in the front of the dog harness. This reduces your dog’s desire to pull without straining their delicate neck area.

      If you’re concerned about a harness rubbing or chafing against your dog’s skin, take a look at dog vest harnesses and padded options from brands like Puppia and Canada Pooch. These are perfect for training, often feature a soft, breathable mesh material, and make for easy walks whether you’ve got a rambunctious puppy on your hands or a senior dog just getting in some daily exercise.

      Harnesses can even keep your dog safer on car rides. Try Sleepypod's Clickit for a dog car harness that acts as a seat belt harness. These products often click right into your car’s existing seat belt buckles and they keep your dog securely in one spot whether you’re just driving down the street or road tripping across the country.

      But it’s not just about function! Harnesses can be a way to express your and your dog’s personalities. We offer Mimi Green's personalized dog harnesses as a way to show off your personal style and include your dog’s important info sewn or engraved right on their harness. You can even shop cute dog harness leash sets or mix and match for an extra pop of color. Because of course, while black is classic, sometimes it’s all about a bright pink moment. And don’t forget to browse our reflective options to make your dog more visible to cars at night!