Dolan's Dog Doodads


      This family run business produces the Wonder Walker™ Body Halter no-pull dog harness. Born out of a Seattle basement in 2005, Dolan’s Dog Doodads has grown by offering high-quality positive training equipment for dogs and the people who love them. Today, this small business manufactures their trainer-designed products in their south Seattle shop. 

      But how did they get started? Co-founder Mary Dolan has a history in horse training and, recognizing both the need for effective training gear and the similar push/pull reflex in horses and dogs, couldn’t find dog training gear on the market she was satisfied with. So she developed her own! The Wonder Walker no-pull harness was born and helped her to train her dog Isaac to loose leash walk. Since then, the family has developed a whole line of positive training products to complement the Wonder Walker™ Body Halter. These carefully designed products have proved to be a hit with everyone from serious dog trainers to brand new dog parents and everyone in between.

      Once you’ve tried the Wonder Walker you’re sure to become a fan too. Check out the Cruiser Leash to go along with your no-pull harness and you can even add the Max Control Handle for additional control, especially if your dog is reactive or if you live in a dense urban setting or busy area. If your dog is already a star loose-leash walker (or you want to train them to be) you’ll love the Hands-Free Walking & Jogging Belt & Leash. This unique leash leaves your hands free to carry coffee, your phone, or whatever else you need! And don’t forget the Car Strap for trips to and from the park, the vet, or wherever you need to drive your dog. Its sturdy clip keeps pups safer and more secure in the back seat and prevents them from hopping up front.