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      A dog collar is an essential piece of gear for any dog parent. They may seem simple, but choosing the best collar for you and your dog can feel overwhelming with so many options available. 

      First things first: You’ll want a collar that is durable enough to stand up to your dog’s daily adventures. One brand that specializes in collars that last is Wilderdog, and we highly recommend checking them out for adventurous pups and owners. Sleepypod is another brand to look at for comfortable, everyday collars and matching leashes.

      You may like the classic look of a leather collar and the fact that leather is a strong, long-lasting material to match. The most common option you’ll see is probably a nylon webbed collar because they’re durable and often include reflective details for improved nighttime visibility. BioThane collars are known for their durability. They’re made of a classic webbed collar that’s been coated to be waterproof, super strong, and lightweight.

      When it comes to training your dog, there are unique options to consider for both small dogs and large dogs. For more control on walks or for dogs who need their attention directed, a martingale collar may work best. If you have a dog like a Greyhound with an especially sensitive neck area, a wide collar is important to keep them comfortable.

      Smart and GPS dog collars are also a thing nowadays. They’re great for tech-savvy owners who want to keep a close eye on their dog’s whereabouts and track their health metrics. Take a look at the options from Whistle and Tractive to see if one of these smart collars or collar accessories is right for you.

      But let’s not pretend dog collars are all function—they’re also a way to express your personality! Whether you want something pink and cute for a female dog or something a little more masculine in a suede fabric or plaid print for a handsome male dog, there’s a unique collar design out there for just about everyone. Some dogs also just look great in glitter and studded collars, no matter their gender! Holiday and themed collars are a thing too, with options like flannel finds for Christmas and beyond.

      Look around and you’ll also discover fun personalized options from brands like Mimi Green featuring embroidery on soft velvet collars or engraving with all their info right on the buckle. These custom collars make a unique statement and have a designer appeal any cute girl or boy dogs would be proud to rock. If you’re into designer looks, Rifle Paper Co. has created some beautiful floral prints for dog collars that we can’t get enough of.