Cat supplies


      Congratulations—you got a cat! Now that you’ve brought your new feline friend home, you’ll need some supplies: Things to play with, a cat bed, food, cat treats, and more. Thankfully, there are plenty of options for everything you need. Let’s take a look.

      The first thing you need for your new cat or kitten is food. Your cat might like wet food, dry food, or both. A slow feeder for wet food is something to think about getting if your cat eats their wet food quickly. A lick mat can be a great tool for slow eating. Lickimat has many options that work for all sizes of cats. Treats are another important piece of the food puzzle for your new cat. There are many different types of treats and flavors, including chicken, salmon, and catnip flavor treats and all natural organic treats. Low calorie treats are best if you have a cat who’s overweight or if you plan to feed them a lot of treats. Bocce’s Bakery has a great cat treat set/bundle that is great for trying new flavors. They are also made in the USA treats, so you can know you’re supporting a USA company.

      Play is another important part of having a cat. Learning how to play with your cat is as easy as getting the right toys. The best toys are whatever your cat is interested in! Most cats like crinkle toys and tunnels, so a cat crinkle tunnel toy is a great option. If you’re looking to include treats in your cat’s toys, a puzzle toy is a great choice. The sushi toy is a cat treat toy that makes eating treats an extra fun challenge. A cat scratcher is another toy item that’s important to have, as a scratcher dulls claws and keeps them in check. There are different types of scratchers, including a cardboard scratcher, which is disposable, and a scratcher bed/lounger, which is both a scratcher and a bed.

      While your cat might enjoy sleeping on your bed or on the couch, they might like having their own bed too. Whether you want a fluffy cat cave bed or a teepee/tent bed, there’s something for every cat! If you’re looking for a cozy cute cat bed, P.L.A.Y. has many different options that are practical and stylish. You might also consider your climate: If you live in a hot area, a cooling cat pad will be something you’ll want for your cat’s bed, and if it’s typically very cold where you live, a heated cat pad will work great for whatever bed you choose. Even if you get your cat the coziest bed, they still might sleep on the couch. A cat shedding hair remover for your clothes and furniture is a good investment and will come in handy no matter what.

      Planning to travel with your cat? A cat travel carrier for kittens, small, and large cats is something you’ll want to get. A collapsible soft sided carrier will come in handy for any type of trip. Also called an airplane/train/car carrier, it’s the best carrier for traveling no matter where you go. If you’re looking for a cat carrier with bed, Sleepypod has many great and stylish options that are great for all sorts of trips. Don’t forget the portable cat bowls and travel bags too! There are plenty of choices for these as well that are practical, stylish, and won’t break the bank.

      If you plan to let your cat roam outside, a tracker collar might be a good fit for you. A cat ID tag outdoor for collar will allow you to keep track of where your cat is at all times. There are two options that are the best GPS for cats: The Tractive GPS Tracker and the LifeKey Fetch ID Tag. The Tractive GPS Tracker has a great virtual fence feature. The cat GPS tracker outdoor virtual fence allows you to set a virtual fence area for your cat, and you’ll get alerts anytime they leave the virtual fence area. And if you live in tick country and plan to let your cat outside, make sure you get a tick remover to ensure your cat doesn’t have any pests residing in their fur.

      Whatever supplies you end up getting for your cat, as long as you get the basics (food, toys, treats, litter box, a bed) you’ll be good to go. Use these supplies to build a strong, healthy relationship with your new cat and see how your relationship blossoms over the years.