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      For some dogs, life is all about digging. These pups have an instinctual urge to paw and nose things out of other things, which can be hard on your couch and yard. Burrow toys to the rescue! These plush dog toys, sometimes called hide-a-toys, are perfect for these dogs. But all dogs and puppies who love soft toys that squeak will likely enjoy these popular interactive toys. They’re a great choice for dogs of all sizes, from small pups to large breeds.

      If you’re at all familiar with burrow toys, you’ve probably seen the Outward Hound Hide-A-Squirrel® Puzzle Dog Toy. This cute plush log and squirrel toy comes with a log trunk burrow and squeaky squirrels you can hide in the log for your dog to dig out over and over. You can buy replacement squirrel toys to keep the fun going even after you need to retire the original ones, or just to have more toys to toss in games of fetch around the house.

      These toys don’t just stop at squirrels though—brands like Zippy Paws and others have come out with a menagerie of unique designs, from ferocious bears and wolves in their dens to adorable elk and foxes and whimsical unicorns, who obviously live inside a colorful plush rainbow.

      But these toys aren’t just for fun, they can also help combat boredom, kind of like a plush anti-anxiety puzzle toy. They do this by keeping your dog engaged and busy when they’re home alone or during other times when they could use a healthy distraction. You can even hide treats instead of toys inside the burrow to really get your dog’s attention. Just remember: While these toys are durable, no toy is indestructible and it’s important to keep an eye on your dog when they first get a new toy to see how they play with it.