FAQ - Wonder Walker™ Body Halter© Dog Harness

My dog is big, strong and likes to pull hard. How much pressure can this harness withstand?

The nylon webbing the Wonder Walker is made from can withstand 3,500 lbs of pressure. Big, strong pullers welcome!

My dog tends to cough and hack, even with a halter. Will this harness work better?

While we can’t diagnose your dog’s coughing and hacking in this FAQ, we can say that the Wonder Walker sits across a dog’s shoulder and chest area, avoiding the neck. Sometimes pressure on the neck can cause a dog to cough or hack, and this harness tightens around the chest when a dog pulls instead of the neck, so it may help!

Does this harness have a martingale style attachment?

No, the Wonder Walker is not a martingale harness and instead features a metal loop front attachment point with straps on both sides.

My dog has a history of backing out of harnesses. Will this harness help prevent this?

We haven’t experienced or heard of a dog backing out of a Wonder Walker, but no harness is 100% pull-out proof. The best way to prevent this is to make sure the harness fits properly and that your dog is closely supervised when out on walks wearing it.

Will this harness chafe my dog’s armpit skin?

When the Wonder Walker is the correct size and properly fitted, it shouldn’t rub your dog’s armpits. Be sure to reference the sizing guide carefully before purchasing.

My dog can be reactive. Does this harness help with lunging and pulling?

Yes, when you attach your leash to the chest ring the Wonder Walker offers you more control when your dog pulls or lunges. This works by taking advantage of your dog’s instinctive pull/pull reflex, also known as their opposition reflex. This reflex is probably why your dog pulls when on leash—as you pull, they naturally want to pull back. The Wonder Walker puts control at your dog’s center of gravity, not the head or neck, and moves training cues to your dog’s body rather than their head, eliminating the push/pull reflex effect.

My dog likes to chew. Will they be able to chew through this harness?  

While this harness is very durable, no harness is 100% chew-proof. We recommend not leaving your dog alone with the harness or allowing them to chew on it. We do not offer refunds or replacements for harnesses damaged by chewing.

Can this harness be used in the car? 

The harness can be used in a car when paired with a car strap like this one: Dolan’s Dog Doodads Dog Car Strap