FAQ - Tractive GPS Tracker

What size of collar will this tracker fit on?

The rubber clip is flexible and fits most collars up to 1 inch (2.5 cm) in width.

How long does the battery last?

The battery will generally last about 3-4 days. You’ll see a low battery notification and it will continue working for about a day after that.

Is this GPS tracker waterproof? 

Yep! The Tractive GPS tracker is fully waterproof up to 30 minutes and one meter in depth (according to IPX7-standard). This makes it great for pets who love the water and for rainy days.

What does the virtual fence feature do?

With a virtual fence, you’ll be notified if your pet leaves the area you’ve set up and the GPS feature can help you locate them.

What is the GPS range?

The range is unlimited! The Tractive GPS tracker works in 175+ countries and you can track your pet from the other side of the world.

Can I use this GPS tracker for my cat?

Absolutely! While the Tractive GPS tracker was designed for dogs and dog collars, it can work well for cats too.

What’s Activity Monitoring?

The Activity Monitoring feature tells you about the health and fitness levels of your pet, including their types of activity and movement levels.

Is the GPS location actually live or does it update every few minutes?

It depends on the mode you choose. There are two modes:

  • Default mode (saves battery life): Every 2-60 minutes a GPS location is taken. Timing depends on your pet’s movement and activity.
  • Live Tracking mode: This mode uses more battery and a GPS location is taken every 3 seconds. You can activate Live Tracking anytime.

Does the GPS tracker need to be near my phone to work?

Since this GPS tracker has a built-in SIM card and connects to local networks, your phone doesn’t need to be close to it for it to work.

Will the GPS work in areas without cell service?

Cell service is required for the GPS to work. Your Tractive device uses GPS satellites to track your pet and will automatically connect to the nearest and strongest mobile network signal.

Is the app free? When do I purchase the monthly plan?

The Tractive app is free to download. Once you receive your tracker and have the 8-digit number printed on it you can activate it and purchase your monthly plan via the Tractive app or the website.