FAQ - Sleepypod Martingale Harness

What’s the best way to put this harness on? 

It takes just a few steps. First tighten the collar strap, then tighten the torso flap. Then velcro both flaps in place. For thinner pets, remove the velcro dot before you secure the flap. 

Are there any buckles on this harness?

Nope, no buckles on this harness—it uses velcro to keep everything secure instead.

What are the benefits of using a martingale harness? How exactly does it work? 

A martingale harness works by using a double loop attachment. As the dog pulls, the martingale loop will gently tighten to help curb pulling. The martingale constricts evenly and prevents choking or injury to your dog’s sensitive neck area, and makes walks easier for you, too.