FAQ - Paw5 Snuffle Mat

Where is the material used to make this toy sourced and made? 

The Wooly material is sustainably sourced and handmade by one of our global community partners in Thailand and Ghana.

How long can I expect it to keep my dog occupied?

Short answer: It varies depending on the amount of treats or kibble hidden in the mat. Some pet parents use the Snuffle Mat as a way to serve a meal, which may take your dog longer to find all the kibble. The time spent will also vary depending on your dog’s skill level.

What material is used to make the snuffle mat?

It’s made using a non-toxic yet durable blend of polyester and cotton materials. The Wooly Snuffle Mat is made from recycled t-shirt fabric. All fabrics undergo testing to ensure they are safe for pets and even infants. 

Are there any toxic chemicals in the mat material?

No—we rigorously test to ensure there are no trace elements of formaldehyde, azodyes, heavy metals, or other toxic materials. If it doesn't pass the test, it isn't used. 

My dog loves to chew on things—is this mat safe for them to use? 

While it’s made of durable material to allow your pet to forage through it, if you think your pet could shred it, you should supervise while they use the mat.

Is the mat machine washable? How frequently should the mat be washed?

Yes—just toss it in the washer (warm water) and tumble dry (low). It can be washed as often as you want. 

Does this product also work for cats? 

Yes! This is a great, fun way to feed cats dry kibble or treats. 

What kind of treats should be used with this mat? 

Kibble is recommended, but if you want to use treats, we recommend using ones that are small and low calorie.