FAQ - 2 Hounds Freedom No Pull Harness

Does this harness come with a leash? 

No, leashes are sold separately. Check out the 2 Hounds Training Dog Leash for a matching set!

Do I need to use the front ring for walks?

If your dog pulls, clipping your leash to the front ring is the most effective way to curb that behavior, however you can use the back ring alone if you prefer.

Will this harness work for my escape artist dog?

The best way to keep your dog safely in their harness is to make sure you have a proper fit and that your dog is closely supervised during walks. The design of this harness creates a more snug fit than a vest-style harness thanks to the T strap and band that goes under the armpits.

Can this harness be used with a dog seat belt strap?

Yes, if your dog seat belt strap can be secured to the metal ring on the back of the harness. If you’re looking to pick up a new dog seat belt, we recommend Dolan’s Dog Doodads Dog Car Strap.

Will this harness chafe my dog’s armpits? 

This harness was designed to prevent chafing by lining the strap behind the front legs with soft Swiss velvet.

I’m interested in the medium size. Which width should I choose?

If your dog is under 40 pounds, we recommend the 5/8’’ thick width. If your dog is larger than 40 pounds, go with the 1’’ thick width.

Is this harness machine washable?

Yes, just put it in a pillowcase and wash it on the gentle cycle. You can also hand wash it in cold water with mild detergent. Just soak it in the sink and rinse well! Either way, always air dry your harness after washing.