FAQ - EzyDog Zero Shock Leash

What does “zero shock” mean? 

Zero Shock™ Technology is the advanced shock absorbing component and is located in the center of the shock absorbing leash. It cushions and eases the pressure for both you and your dog. If anyone needs to suddenly move, it won’t be as jarring of a movement. 

Does this leash help control pulling? 

It will not prevent pulling, but it does help to reduce strain and pull on both you and your dog.

How does the traffic control handle work?

Perfect for crowds or busy streets, this extra handle is positioned near your dog’s collar, giving you quick and secure control of your dog whenever you need it. 

How long is this leash when fully stretched? 

This leash is 48" inches fully stretched and 45" long end-to-end without stretching.

Does the handle have padding?

Yes, it’s lightly padded and comfortable.

Does the rubber grip move up and down the leash?

No, the rubber grip is stationary. 

Is there a connector where a hands-free belt could clip on? 

No, a connector is not included on the handle. For hands-free running, we recommend the EzyDog Road Runner Leash.

How is this leash for small dogs?

We recommend this leash for dogs over 26 lbs.