FAQ - Blue-9 Balance No-Pull Dog Harness

What makes this harness different?

The Y-neck design of the Balance No-Pull Dog Harness offers your dog more comfort than other harnesses that cross their shoulders or pinch the armpit area. This adjustable harness also prevents chafing by allowing the girth strap to fit further back behind your dog’s armpits.

How do I choose a size if my dog can fit into multiple sizes?

If your dog is under two years old and still growing, choose the larger size so they can grow into it. If your dog is done growing, pick the size that will give you more room to adjust for the perfect fit. If you’re still unsure and deciding between a medium and a medium/large, we recommend choosing the medium/large for dogs over 40 lbs with an appropriate girth size. The wider webbing will help disperse weight more evenly and is usually more comfortable for strong pullers.

What do I do if the adjustable sliders aren’t staying in place?

This can happen if the strap keepers aren’t close to the adjustment sliders. Once you have the sliders where you want them, slide the thin black rectangle (that’s the strap keeper) all the way to the adjustment sliders. This should keep everything in place and prevent the straps from loosening.

Is this harness chew-proof?

This durable harness is made with soft-touch nylon that has a 3,500 lbs test strength. It will not rip or fray when used as intended. However, no harness is chew proof! A dog’s jaws are designed to snap through animal bones and a determined dog can even chew through KEVLAR, the same material used in bulletproof vests.

Your dog is most likely to chew on their harness during the first month while they get used to the new feeling of wearing it. Be sure to watch them and never leave them alone with the harness. We do not accept returns for harnesses that have been chewed.