Travel Cat

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      The husband and wife team behind Travel Cat know that cats don’t just sleep all day—they need play and enrichment too! Their line of feline-friendly travel gear can help you and your cat go on adventures in the great outdoors—safely, of course. 

      It all started with their first cat, Andie, who made Emily and Ian bonafide cat people and also made them realize there aren’t a lot of quality brands focused solely on cats out there. So they launched Your Cat Backpack by Travel Cat in New York City and started their journey of inspiring other cat parents to get outside with their feline companions, from neighborhood walks to epic hikes and everything in between.

      Since that first product, The Fat Cat Bubble Backpack (in both regular and mini sizes), they have developed and launched a whole range of products designed to increase the bond between cats and their people. The PortaPawty Travel Litter Box allows people to bring their cats and a clean, simple to use cat bathroom along with them on all their adventures. When your kitty is ready to hop out of the backpack and explore, Travel Cat has designed the complementary The True Adventurer Cat Harness and Leash combo to make outdoor excursions safe and enjoyable. And finally, once it’s time to settle in for a cat nap, The Meowbile Home Convertible Cat Cave Bed is the perfect home base for your furry little adventure buddy.