No-pull dog harnesses


      Is your dog a puller? Are walks with them no longer enjoyable? Make taking your dog on a walk fun again with a no-pull dog harness. Anti-pull harnesses work for dogs of all sizes, from small dogs to big dogs. Take a look at the options available and get ready for an easy walk!

      What is a no-pull harness? Essentially, it’s a harness that helps to discourage pulling on walks. Most are adjustable and easy to fit, and are good for dog training to teach your dog loose-leash walking. If you’re wondering how no-pull harnesses work, it’s pretty simple: In a nutshell, they redistribute pressure from pulling off of your dog’s sensitive neck area to your dog’s chest or shoulder area. This makes it easier to direct your dog in the direction they need to go. You might also be wondering how to put on a no-pull harness. Thankfully, most simply slip on over your dog’s head or they can step into them easily. They’re often easy to fit and easy to get on and off, making them a great alternative to a collar on walks.

      A no-pull harness that’s considered the best harness is the Wonder Walker Body Halter No-Pull Harness. It comes in many different colors and sizes, from toy dogs to large dogs, and is even good if you have a puppy. It comes in a reflective version as well if you take walks in the dark. The Wonder Walker comes with two clips: one in the front and one in the back. Use the front clip to help prevent pulling and use the back clip if your dog isn’t a puller or if you’re using it in the car. This harness is also considered a no-choke harness, as it doesn’t put any pressure on the sensitive neck area.

      If you’re looking for a harness that is trainer recommended, try one from Blue 9. The Blue-9 Balance No-Pull Dog Harness is a great harness for a Husky, Pit Bull, German Shepherd, or any other large dog. It features a six-point adjustment system to make sure your dog is comfortable and secure, and allows for full range of motion without choking or chafing. The 2 Hounds Freedom No-Pull Dog Harness is another cute no-pull harness that’s great for any type of dog. It has a velvet-padded chest strap which makes it a great no chafing option. If you’re looking for a vest no-pull harness, the Canada Pooch The Everything Mesh No-Pull Dog Harness is a great choice. The mesh fabric makes it great for warmer days. There are even no-pull harnesses with a handle on the harness, so if your dog is older or needs more help getting around, one of those might be a good choice too.

      If your dog is a puller (and even if they aren’t), a good no-pull harness can make walks enjoyable again and can keep your dog safe, comfortable, and secure. With so many options to choose from, pick a few and find the one that works best for you and your dog.