FAQ - Sleepypod Clickit Sport Plus Car Safety Dog Harness

How do I wash this harness?

The Clickit Sport should be spot cleaned by wiping it with a damp cloth, only using a mild detergent if needed. Do not submerge the harness in water. If you use a detergent, test it in an inconspicuous area first to make sure it doesn’t cause the color to change or run. Once clean, hang it to dry.

What if my dog’s measurements are between two sizes?

If your dog is a puppy or not done growing and their measurement is within 1 inch of the highest setting, you may want to size up. For dogs who are fully grown, you may want to size down to ensure a tight, not loose fit. You shouldn’t be able to put more than three fingers laid flat under the buckles after adjusting. It’s important that the harness fits tightly before you use it.

Can my dog safely travel in the front seat with the Clickit Sport?

It’s recommended by Sleepypod to only buckle your dog into the rear seat. Think of your pup like a child under 95 lbs who should sit in the back to better ensure their safety.

What is this harness made of?

The front of the Clickit Sport is made of ballistic nylon and the inside is lined with soft neoprene padding. The straps are made from a strong seat belt-grade material and the hardware is made from metal and plastic that have been stress tested for performance.

Why can’t dogs under 18 lbs use this harness? 

In the event of a collision, a small dog weighing less than 18 lbs may be safer in a carrier due to their more fragile bone structure. Sleepypod offers crash-tested carriers which you can browse here.

Do I need to buy any separate straps or accessories to attach this harness to my car?

The Clickit Sport is specifically designed to directly attach to a car seat belt, which means you don’t need any separate straps or accessories.

Can I use this harness with a seat booster? 

Yes, as long as your seat booster has straps that you can attach to the Clickit Sport’s D-rings.

Can my dog move around in the car with this harness on?

Yes, but only as far as your car’s seat belt allows.