FAQ -Mimi Green Nylon Webbing Collar

How do you adjust the collar?

It’s easy–Adjust the size by moving the black plastic piece. 

What are the character limits per line on the buckle?

Each line on the buckle can fit 20 characters, including spaces. 

Can I preview my collar before ordering? 

Unfortunately, we can’t provide a preview for the design prior to the order being submitted. Make sure you double check all personalizations being submitted for mistakes, as we can’t provide refunds or returns for personalized merchandise. 

What is the best way to choose between the types of buckles?

If your dog is a puller, we recommend the black plastic buckle, as it’s the strongest of all the buckles. If pulling isn’t an issue or you walk your dog on a harness, any buckle will work.

Have these products been tested on real dogs?

Short answer: Yes! They’ve been thoroughly tested on both a 50-pound lab and a 13-pound pug. Both dogs have reported their confidence levels have skyrocketed, all the other neighborhood dogs are jealous of their classic style, and they feel at ease with the durability and strength of their Mimi Green collar and leash. Although we use extra-strong materials and hardware, please note our products are not made for tie-out use.

What’s the best way to clean my collar?

Our collars are made with washable fabrics—we suggest you wash them in the dishwasher, in your washing machine on the gentle cycle, or hand wash with mild detergent or shampoo. Then hang to dry.