FAQ Cooling Pet Pad

How do I get my pet to use the Cooling Pet Pad? 

Pets can sometimes take some time to acclimate to the cooling pad. If your pet does not use the pad or avoids it, we recommend using their favorite toy or a treat to get them on the pad. We find that usually once pets realize what the pad is for, they love it!

How do I clean and store my Cooling Pet Pad? 

The Cooling Pet Pad should be cleaned with a soft cloth, mild soap and water. Allow the pad to dry fully before use or storage. The pad should be stored in a cool, dry location. If you are planning to store the pad for an extended period of time, storing it in the bag in which it came will increase the useful life. 

What surfaces can I place my Cooling Pet Pad on?

The Cooling Pet Pad is designed to work on all types of surfaces and dog beds. The pad is not recommended  for use in direct sunlight, as the pads usefulness will be reduced in direct heat and it may lead to evaporation of the cooling gel.