Dog beds & blankets

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      If there’s one thing you need for your dog or cat, it’s a comfy place to rest and sleep. If you’re looking for a dog + cat bed, or even a dog blanket, the Rover Store has you covered. There are tons of options to suit any size pet! Let’s take a closer look.

      Some dogs and cats love to burrow, snuggle in, and be cozy. One of the best dog beds for dogs that enjoy this type of resting is a burrow bed. The PLAY Snuggle Bed is a plush dog bed that is perfect for pups who like to get seriously cozy. It features dirt-resistant canvas on one side to keep pets cool and faux fur on the other side to keep them warm. It’s the best of both worlds! It comes in multiple sizes as well, so is a great choice if you’re looking for a small bed or a large bed, and is washable & dryer friendly. Canada Pooch also has some great beds for dogs who enjoy snuggling, including the Classic Birch pet bed. A textured sherpa cushion and ultra-padded bolster make it feel like a luxurious high-end dog bed while also being affordable. 

      Looking for a new bed for the car or a crate bed? P.L.A.Y. has some great options that are cute and practical. The PLAY Pet Pad is great for sleeping and resting on the go. With a plush vonnel top layer and a faux suede bottom layer, it’s comfy on top and practical on the bottom. Zipper-free construction helps to reduce chewing and tearing, and it’s designed to fit in most crates. It also comes in many different colors, so if you’re looking for a purple dog bed or a pink dog bed, this one can fit that requirement. If you like the P.L.A.Y. brand and are looking for something more fun for at home, like a tent or teepee bed, they have some great, 100% canvas options that your pet is sure to enjoy. Donut beds like the Original Donut Shad Calming Pet Bed by Sheri that is great for dogs or cats that love to curl up or burrow, the ultra-plush filling supports joints, and the luxurious vegan faux shag creates a self-warming effect for dogs with anxiety.

      If you’ve got a nice bed your pet already likes, you might want to look into getting a pet-specific blanket. A blanket for your couch or chair is a great thing to have to prevent excess hair, dog drool, and other things from damaging your upholstery. The Sleepypod blanket is great for dogs who enjoy snuggling up. It’s a microfiber suede blanket on one side and a cozy shearling blanket on the other. Wilderdog has some great pet blanket options too, including the Wilderdog Sherpa Fleece dog blanket. It’s a cozy fleece blanket with a waterproof liner in between, so it will stay dry even if it gets wet. Cooling or heating mats are also something good to look into if your pet needs extra warmth in their bed, or if they need somewhere to cool off in the heat. 

      With all the pet bed options out there, you’re sure to find something that your pet can enjoy and get some good rest in. Try out a few options and see what your pet likes best, and get ready for them to log some serious zs.