Wonder Walker™ Body Halter© Dog Harness

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  • This fan-favorite harness is made from soft yet durable nylon webbing that can withstand 3,500 pounds of pressure. It features metal hardware and a plastic Weinerlock buckle. Great for dogs of all sizes, including puppies and extra large dogs!
  • Intuitive to put on, this harness is designed for a dog’s natural push/pull reflex, helping you to redirect them while keeping pressure off the vulnerable neck area.
  • It features two leash attachment points: The front chest leash attachment is for loose leash walking training, while the back ring attachment is for jogging and car restraint.
  • Pairs with the Cruiser Dog Leash

About Dolan’s Dog Doodads: This family run business produces the Wonder Walker™ Body Halter no-pull dog harness. Born out of a Seattle basement in 2005, Dolan’s Dog Doodads has grown by offering high-quality positive training equipment for dogs and the people who love them.