Dog Bandanas & Scarves

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      There’s nothing cuter than a dog in a bandana! Whether you’re looking for a cute pattern for everyday wear, one for a specific holiday or special occasion, or even a custom dog bandana with your dog’s name, there’s a dog bandana for every dog.

      The first thing you might be wondering about are dog bandana sizes. Typically, they come in sizes ranging from XS to XL, depending on the brand and style. There are also different types, like bandanas over their collars, or tie-on bandanas. The easiest options are the tie-on style. If you’re wondering how to fit or tie on a dog bandana, it’s simple: Measure your dog’s neck circumference and choose the appropriate size based on that measurement. It might be different for each brand, so double check before you buy!

      If you’re looking for a stylish everyday-wear type bandana, try one from Mimi Green. The Mimi Green Personalized Linen Bandana is a favorite for a reason: the linen/cotton fabric blend makes it a perfect spring or summer dog bandana, and it is one of the only options at the Rover Store that can be personalized/embroidered with your dog’s name. The hand-stitching of your dog’s name is a great personal touch, and it comes in multiple colors, including red and blue. It would also make a great photoshoot bandana, as the colors photograph very well. 

      Have a special event coming up? Get your dog in on the festivities too with a special event dog bandana. The Foggy Dog has some great options for floral dog bandanas that would also make great wedding dog bandanas as well. The Foggy Dog Painted Peonies Natural Dog Bandana is covered in beautiful pink flowers that would make any dog stand out beautifully in wedding photos or event photos. There are even bandanas for special holidays, like Valentine’s Day, that you can get to add a festive flair to your dog’s regular collar. 

      Summertime can get hot, so what’s better to cool down your dog than a cooling dog bandana for hot weather? These special bandanas use the power of evaporation to keep your dog cool on even the hottest days—just wet the bandana, tie it around your dog’s neck, and they’ll stay cool. The Canada Pooch Cooling Dog Bandana comes in three sizes and multiple colors. Who wouldn’t want to put their pup in a tie dye or rainbow dog bandana? These cooling bandanas are both functional and stylish, making them the perfect summer accessory.

      Looking for a fall/winter dog bandana? Or maybe something Halloween or Christmas themed? There are tons of options here, including plaid dog bandanas, ones with reindeer, and more. The Blueberry Pet Fair Isle Snowflake Dog Scarf is as cute as they come. It’s adorned with a Nordic design of white snowflakes. With multiple sizes to choose from, this scarf is sure to become a seasonal favorite. 

      No matter what you’re celebrating, there’s sure to be a dog bandana to accessorize your dog with on the Rover Store. Choose the ones that work best for your dog and get ready to field the tons of compliments that are sure to come your dog’s way.